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11583C Agilent Fixed Attenuator

The 11583C is a 26.5 GHz Fixed Attenuator from Agilent. Attenuators are a type of radio frequency (RF) test equipment that’s useful during RF design. When an engineer needs to reduce (attenuate) the level of an electronic signal, he or she uses an attenuator. Attenuation can protect circuit stages from receiving signal levels that are too high. RF attenuators may be fixed, switched, or variable, depending on their capabilities and applications.

Additional Features:

  • Multiple dB attenuators included in one set
  • APC-3.5 connectors
  • Maximum frequency: 26.5 GHz

The Agilent 8493C are APC-3.5 connectors with a maximum frequency of 26.5 GHz. The Agilent 11583C is ideal for calibration labs or where precise knowledge of attenuation and SWR is desired. Contains a set of four Agilent HP8493C attenuators 3, 6, 10, and 20 dB.

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