1182B Agilent Cart

The 1182B is a cart from Agilent. The 1182B is a cart from Agilent. Carts are used to allow test equipment to be portable between work and test stations. Oscilloscope carts are most common, but carts can also be used for spectrum and signal analyzers. Keysight (Agilent and HP) and Tektronix are the main manufacturers of oscilloscope carts.

Additional Features:

  • Ergonomic design: test equipment is operator-accessible whether seated or standing
  • Heavy-duty casters make moving instruments easy
  • Includes a steel buckle and nylon strap to secure instruments to the cart
  • Tilt tray adjusts 30-plus degrees for viewing comfort
  • Material: Cold-rolled steel
  • Weight: 34.9 kg (77 lbs)
  • Casters: 127 mm (5 in) diameter
  • Tilt tray load capacity: 68 kg (150 lbs)
  • Total load capacity: 159 kg (350 lbs)
  • Tilt tray width: 508 mm (20 in)
  • Tilt tray depth: 610 mm (24 in)

The Agilent 1182B testmobile instrument cart provides convenient mobility of test equipment to make it readily available when needed and effectively extend the amount of lab bench space. Allows several operators to cost effectively share expensive equipment.

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