1261B Racal Dana VXI



  • Highest Cooling Level of
  • any General-purpose VXI
  • Mainframe
  • Fault-Tolerant Cooling
  • System
  • Two Choices of
  • Monitoring Options
  • Independently Pluggable
  • Power Supply and Fan
  • Assemblies
  • Monitoring Option is
  • Independently Powered
  • and Needs No VXI Slots
  • 925 W of Total Usable
  • Power @ 55° C

The 1261B power supply features an advanced design that delivers abundant power with a minimum of ripple and noise. The power supply plugs directly into the backplane for the best possible power delivery. High dynamic current ensures crisp waveforms and accurate measurements.

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ManufacturerRacal Dana
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