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1410 Tektronix TV Generator

The 1410 is a tv generator from Tektronix. At ValueTronics, we sell a variety of used and refurbished testing products for televisions from the manufacturers Tektronix, Wegener, and others. The electronic test equipment we have for TVs includes the television demodulation system, NTSC television waveform monitor, NTSC television generator, component/PAL television generator, and broadcast digital television processor.

Additional Features:

The Tektronix 1410 NTSC Mainframe generates chrominance subcarrier at 3.579545 MHz ±10 Hz. Each ±1 Hz color standard has a proportional control oven for the oscillator circuit. A front-panel lamp indicates proper operation of the oven. This instrument comes with one SPG2 sync pulse generator (other plug-ins sold separately).

The SPG2 has an output amplitude of 2 Vp-p into 75-ohms, & composite video amplitude of 1 V into 75-ohms. It uses either internally generated or externally supplied subcarrier for color standard reference. Subcarrier source is front panel selectable. The SPG2 comes with two external synchronization modes, external reference & Genlock. The input requirements for the sync source is 1 V nominal composite video or black burst, sync negative with sync amplitude of 286 mV ±6 dB & burst amplitude of 286 mV ±12 dB.

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