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147A Tektronix TV Generator

The 147A is a tv generator from Tektronix. At ValueTronics, we sell a variety of used and refurbished testing products for televisions from the manufacturers Tektronix, Wegener, and others. The electronic test equipment we have for TVs includes the television demodulation system, NTSC television waveform monitor, NTSC television generator, component/PAL television generator, and broadcast digital television processor.

Additional Features:

  • Gen-lock capable of locking to most helical scan VTR's
  • Can operate as a master-sync generator or fully or partially timed from external sources
  • Front-panel pushbutton selection of external synchronization is provided
  • In external mode:
    • locks on composite video (1 V)
    • composite sync (-4 V)
    • reference subcarrier (2 V)
  • Two front-panel lights show subcarrier and/or sync external lock
  • Other features include:
    • simplicity in operation
    • compact and economical
    • simplified timing via multiple subcarrier phasing controls
  • All inputs and outputs are located on rear-panel
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