149-10A Kikusui Milli Ohmmeter

The 149-10A is a Milli Ohmmeter from Kikusui. When engineers need to collect information regarding electrical connections such as wires, conduits, or cables, they use a milliohm meter. This piece of electronic testing equipment measures the smallest resistance values. An engineer would use a milliohm meter instead of a traditional ohmmeter to document and log resistance amounts at the lower end of the scale (small values of ohms).

Additional Features:

  • Measures high voltages (AC/DC) up to ±10kV
  • Large 4 1/2 digits LED display
  • High measurement accuracy and high input impedance
  • Light weight and compact design
  • For output voltage calibration of withstanding voltage testers and insulation testers

The Kikusui 149-10A is a digital voltmeter that can measure high voltages up to a ±10kV AC and DC at high accuracy. Its high input impedance (1000M ohm) makes it suitable for measurement of high impedance voltage circuits. Since it has a high accuracy despite its small size and light weight, it can also be easily used as a portable calibrator.

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