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1503B Tektronix TDR

The 1503B is a TDR from Tektronix. A meter is an instrument used to test and measure alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) voltage, resistance, RF, electric current, and much more.

Additional Features:

  • Easy to Use
  • Information Screens
  • High Contrast LCD
  • Portable
  • Waveform Storage
  • PC Controllable

Typical Applications

  • Telephony
  • Computer/LAN
  • CATV
  • Power Company Field Testing
  • Communications Providers
  • Cable Manufacturing Tests
  • Third Party Maintenance
  • Airline Maintenance/Testing

The portable, rugged 1503B TDR Cable Tester is a portable maintenance tool that is simple to operate and will test most dual conductor metallic cable under virtually any condition. The 1503B identifies and locates cable faults. When the tester is connected to the line to be tested it sends out electrical pulses that are reflected back to the tester by impedance changes in the cable. The 1503B displays impedance changes in the cable as a function of distance. Moving the cursor to the displayed fault produces an on-screen readout of distance to the fault.

The 1503B MTDR provides high-energy, 1/2 sine shaped pulses for testing long cable runs. The 1503B has 2, 10, 100 and 1000 nanosecond pulse widths. Use of the 2 ns pulse width results in determination of multiple faults as close together as one foot. Cable impedances of 50, 75, 93, and 125 ohms are selectable at the front panel. The 1503B is input protected to 400 volts. The 1503B has a range of 50,000 feet and is the best metallic TDR for general purpose applications.

The 1503B offers a variety of parameters and information that can be accessed using menus. The main menu allows you to access Help Screens, Velocity Propagtion Values, Impedances of Different Cables, Instrument/Front Panel Configurations and Instrument Diagnostics.

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