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1504-156 Fluke Thermometer

The 1504-156 is a thermometer from Fluke.
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  • With our 9934 LogWare, both Tweener models may be used for real-time data acquisition. Collect data and analyze it graphically or statistically. Additionally, Tweeners may be used as reference thermometers with our MET/TEMP II software.

Battery pack-

  • Want to take your Tweener on the road? Order Fluke Calibration's 9320A Battery Pack. Our battery gives you 36 hours between charges, allowing you to take your work wherever you need.

Calibration choices-

  • Each Tweener and its accompanying probe (sold separately) have their own individual calibration reports. Overall system error can be calculated from the individual errors, rendering the added cost of system data unnecessary. However, for those requiring it, system data is available at two or more temperatures of your choice. (See Calibration Model 1929-X )


  • Temperature range1 - Any thermistor range
  • Resistance range - 0 W to 1 MW, auto-ranging
  • Probe - Thermistors
  • Characterizations - Steinhart-Hart thermistor polynomial Calendar-Van Dusen: R0, a, d, and b
  • Resistance accuracy (ppm of reading) - 0 W to 5 KW: 0.5 W, 5 KW to 200 KW: 100 ppm, 200 KW to 1 MW: 300 ppm

If you need more accuracy in a limited temperature range, the Model 1504-156 Tweener gives it to you as a thermistor readout. Thermistors are less fragile than PRTs and less likely to be impacted by mechanical shock. Thermistors are more sensitive to temperature, have faster response times, and come in many shapes for different applications. Typical accuracy of a 1504-156 is ±0.002 °C with a resolution of 0.0001 °C.

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