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1633A General Radio Bridge

The 1633A is a bridge from General Radio. A bridge is useful for precise measurements, instrumentation, power conversion, and filtering in both linear and nonlinear applications. Pair bridges with other types of electronic test equipment to measure fixed and swept frequency return loss. Bridges check the performance of your system and its components, including amplifiers, couplers, filters, attenuators, terminations, and splitters.

Additonal Features:

  • Direct reading at nine frequencies in series L and R or Q
  • Measures inductance from:
    • 0.2 µH to 1000 H over the frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz
    • accuracy of ±1%
  • Can apply up to 1250 V and 50 A, AC and DC

The General Radio 1633A is a used 1250 V, 50 AMP, AC / DC Incremental Inductance Bridge. The 1633A Incremental-Inductance Bridge is designed primarily for measuring inductance and loss of transformers, chokes, and similar components at very high levels of AC and DC excitation. Easy to operate and flexible in applications, it can also measure other nonlinear elements such as Zener diodes, rectifiers, thermistors, and lamps.

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