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172B WaveTek Generator


The 172B is a generator from WaveTek.

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  • Frequency range: 0.001 Hz to 13 MHz
  • GPIB Compatiblity
  • 500 Settings per second
  • Phase lock input: TTL level (from 10 Hz to 13 MHz)
  • Composite waveform/offset to ±7.5 V peak into 50 ohm load.

The Wavetek 172B Programmable Signal Source has a frequency range from 0.0001 Hz to 13 MHz. Outputs include sine, square, triangle, pulses, ramps, haversine, havertriangle, and DC variable to 30 V p-p (15 V p-p into 50 ohm load) with 3-digit resolution. 

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