1762 BK Precision DC Power Supply

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Additional Features:

  • Output Voltage: 0-60V (A & B), 2-6.5 V (C)
  • Output Current: 0-2A (A & B), 5A (C)
  • CV (constant voltage)/CC (constant current) mode operation
  • Continuously monitor voltage and current output on two 4-digit LED displays
  • Coarse and fine voltage controls
  • Series tracking and parallel tracking mode operation to double output voltage or current respectively
  • Overload and reverse polarity protection
  • Excellent regulation
  • Very low ripple
  • Supplied Accessories User manual, spare fuse and power cord
  • Two-Year Warranty

The BK Precision 1762 Triple Output DC Power Supply delivers 0-60 V/0-2 A on 2 outputs and 4-6.5 V/4 A on 1 output. The 4 digit LED display offers 10mV and 1mA resolution, providing the capability to set voltage and current values more accurately and precisely compared to 3 digit displays found in most comparable power supplies. The power supply is fully overload protected and comes with a two year warranty.

With the BK Precision 1762 you can connect two supplies in parallel to double the current output or connect two supplies in series to double the voltage output. The unit operates continuously at full load without overheating.

More Information
ManufacturerBK Precision
Current2 A
Voltage60 V
Power350 W
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