181 EG&G Preamplifier


Additional Features:

  • 10-9A/V MAX DC-200 kHz
  • Virtual-ground input and sensativity selectable by means of a front-panel switch from 10-4   A/V TO 10-9  A/V
  • Built-in output attenuator allows the output signal to be reduced by a factor of ten.
  • Front-panel overload lamp provides warning when output voltage excursions exceed normal operating levels
  • There is provision for biasing an external detector by applying an internally derived DC voltage to the input connector

The EG&G 181 Current Sensative Preamplifier is a high-sensativity low-noise device ideally suited to processing the extremely small current signals provided by photodectors and similar sources. With its small size, high performance, and ease of operation, the instrument should prove of significant value in any application involving low-noise processing of small current signals.

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