2000A Huntron Analyzer

The 2000A is an tracker analyzer from Huntron.


  • Built-in pulse generator:
  • Allows for quick and thorough troubleshooting of  gate-fired devices such as SCRs, TRIACs and optocouplers
  • By energizing the gate, you can test a component in an active mode
  • Test components and boards without power:
  • Ideal for catastrophic failures
  • No accidental short that could cause further damage
  • Analysis of the overall health of a solid-state component including intermittent problems
  • Perfect for finding leakage or substrate damage that has brought a system or PCB down prematurely
  • Troubleshoot when documentation is missing or incomplete
  • Troubleshoot Programmable Logic Controls (PLCs)
  • Non-destructive testing

The Huntron 2000A Tracker provides advanced troubleshooting capabilities to simplify testing newer technology components such as CMOS and MOS circuits.

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