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2001X Electroglas Manufacturing Test Equipment

The 2001X is used manufacturing test equipment from Electroglas. Every newly manufactured electronic product requires a manufacturing test to ensure its proper performance and quality. Engineers use manufacturing tests in the last phase of the production process to ensure a product operates according to accepted standards.

Additional Features: 

  • Unique linear motor technology for maximum reliability and performance
  • Modular design, single or multi-cassette capability
  • Easy to use, optional advanced user interface with full color, real-time wafer mapping
  • Optional networking connectivity to facilitate data collection, monitoring and analysis for improved productivity
  • Base unit model for low volume and cost-sensitive applications

The placement of all die on all 10, 8″ wafers in the Electroglas accuracy test are within 5um of the desired location. The 0,0 reference point is taught on a center die of the first wafer.

The Electroglas 2001X Automatic Wafer Probers, for 75 mm to 150 mm diameter wafers, combine high performance and reliability in a cost-effective package. Featuring advanced automation and a modular design, the 2000 Series probers are compatible with all major ATE systems.

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