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2015-P Keithley Audio Analyzer


The 2015-P is a 20 kHz Audio Analyzer from Keithley.

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  • Audio Analyzing DMM
  • THD, THD+Noise, and SINAD measurements
  • 20 Hz-20 kHz sine wave generator
  • Fast frequency sweeps
  • Identifies peak spectral components
  • 4Vrms single-ended or 8Vrms differential output
  • Individual harmonic magnitude measurements
  • 5 standard audio shaping filters
  • 13 DMM functions (6-1/2 digits)

Accessories Supplied

  • Model 1751 Safety Test Leads
  • User Manual
  • Service Manual


  • Wireless communication device audio quality testing
  • Component linearity testing
  • Lighting and ballast THD limit conformance testing
  • Telephone and automotive speaker testing

The Keithley 2015-P Audio Analyzing Digital Multimeters and the 2015-P Total Harmonic Distortion Multimeters combine audio band quality measurements and analysis with a full-function 6½-digit DMM. Test engineers can make a broad range of voltage, resistance, current, frequency, and distortion measurements, all with the same compact, half-rack measurement instrument. The Keithley 2015-P has twice the sine wave generator output of the Model 2015 for applications that require test signals greater than 8Vrms. The Keithley 2015-P offers additional processing capacity for frequency spectrum analysis.

For applications such as assessing non-linear distortion in components, devices, and systems, DSP-based processing allows the Models 2015-P, 2015, 2016, and 2016-P to provide frequency domain analysis in conventional time domain instruments. They can measure Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) over the complete 20Hz to 20kHz audio band. They also measure over a wide input range (up to 750Vrms) and have low residual distortion (–87dB). The THD reading can be expressed either in decibels or as a percentage.

In addition to THD, the Models 2015, 2015-P, 2016, and 2016-P can compute THD+Noise and Signalto-Noise plus Distortion (SINAD). For analyses in which the individual harmonics are the criteria of greatest interest, the instruments can report any of the (up to 64) harmonic magnitudes that can be included in the distortion measurements. The user can program the actual number of harmonics to be included in a computation, so accuracy, speed, and complexity can be optimized for a specific application.

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