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2100 Valhalla Scientific Power Analyzer


The 2100 is a Power Analyzer from Valhalla Scientific. A power analyzer, or power quality analyzer, can take accurate measurements of direct current DC, alternating current AC, voltages, phase rotations, and power in many different types of electronic equipment. Engineers can test power supplies, industrial machinery, motor drivers, home appliances, and office equipment with used and refurbished power analyzers.


  • Twin high resolution digital displays
  • DC to 50 kHz frequency response
  • True power measurement
  • True RMS voltage and current and built-on peak overload indicators
  • The device can handle:
  • Voltages to 600 V
  • Current to 20 AMP
  • Watts to 12000

This benchtop single-phase Digital Power Analyzer is fully loaded with measurement features you'd expect on instruments costing three times the price. The unit boasts twin high resolution 4 1/2 digital displays, DC to 50 kHz frequency response, true power measurement, true RMS voltage and current and built-in peak overload indicators.

The 2100 offers 600, 300 and 150 volt ranges. The Valhalla 2100 series power meters are also great measurement instruments for college and university motor test laboratories.

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