212359 Biddle Insulation Meter


Additional Features:

  • No scale multipliers
  • Multiple test voltages for spot and step voltage testing
  • Guard terminal to eliminate surface leakage current
  • All are portable, self-contained instruments designed to give rapid and accurate measurements

Major Megger MJ159, MJ160, MJ359, MJ459, and MJ559 testers are compact instruments designed to give rapid, accurate and direct measurement of continuity and insulation resistance of domestic and industrial wiring, cables, transformers, motors, generators electrical machinery and appliances. Being self-powered, the instruments are suitable for use during installation and commissioning work as well as for service and maintenance applications. Insulation measuring range is 0,1 Ω to 2000 MΩ (MJ160 0,1 Ω to 1000 MΩ). Automatic discharge for capacitive circuits under test is provided. A guard terminal can be used to minimise the effects of surface leakage when carrying out insulation resistance tests.

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