2260 Bruel & Kjaer Vibration and Sound



  • IEC and ANSI Type 1 sound level meter
  • 8Hz − 20 kHz frequency range in 1/3-octave band analysis (BZ 7206 only)
  • On-line annotation and data exclusion
  • Control of sound recording on a PC
  • Automatic event logging
  • Logging rates down to 100ms (BZ 7206 only)
  • Interface to SONY DAT recorders
  • Remote operation via modem link
  • Automatic Charge Injection Calibration (CIC) check
  • Broadband and spectral statistics


With up to 20 MB internal memory, 2260 Investigator can store a large amount of data. To make it easier for you to examine the results of the measurements, Bruel & Kjaer offers a number of Windows-based software application packages.


  • IEC 60651 (1979) Type 1 plus Amendment 1
  • IEC 60804 (1985) Type 1 plus Amendment 2
  • IEC 61260 (1995) Octave Bands Class 0
  • ANSI S1.4-1983 Type 1
  • ANSI S1.43-199X Type 1 (Draft 1993)
  • ANSI S1.11-1986 Octave Bands, Order 4, Type 0-B, Optional Range

The Bruel & Kjaer 2260 investigator is a hand-held, programmable sound analyzer based on standard PC architecture and file system. You can change 2260 Investigator’s function by simply changing the application software. Three of the applications available are BZ 7201 for full octave analysis, BZ 7202 for full and 1/3- octave analysis and BZ 7206 for extended range, 8Hz – 20 kHz, full and 1/3-octave analysis.

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