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228 Keithley Current Source

The 228 is a Current Source from Keithley. A current source is a type of electronic test equipment in circuit form that can deliver or absorb electrical current that’s independent of the voltage across its terminals. There are two types of current sources: dependent and independent. A dependent current source delivers an electric current that is proportional to another voltage in the circuit. An independent current source delivers a constant current.

Additional Features:

  • Capacity to sink or source up to:100 Watts
  • Constant voltage source has ranges of:1 V, 10 V, and 100 V
  • Constant current source has ranges of:0.1 AMP, 1 AMP, and 10 AMPs
  • Actual output voltage and current are continuously monitored and displayed on the front panel.
  • These values can also be read back over the IEEE bus.
  • Dual 3-digit LED displays indicate programmed values in Standby and output values in Operate.
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