2290-5 Keithley DC Power Supply



  • 5,000V maximum voltage
  • 5mA maximum current
  • 25W maximum power
  • 120VAC nominal input voltage
  • Low noise for precision sourcing and sensitive measurements
  • Selectable filters reduce noise to less than 3mVRMS
  • Safety interlock controls high voltage output
  • IEEE-488 programmable
  • Protection module prevents damage to low voltage instrumentation


  • High voltage device breakdown testing
  • High voltage component testing
  • Insulation testing
  • High voltage resistivity measurements
  • High energy physics research

The Keithley 2290-5 5 kV Power Supply w/120VAC Nominal Input Voltage facilitates high-voltage device and material testing, as well as high-energy physics experimentation. The 2290-5 offers up to 5000V voltage outputs and has a 5mA current capacity; it measures both an output voltage with 1V resolution, and an output current with 1μA resolution. In addition to the voltage and current output displays, a third display shows one of four settings: output voltage, voltage limit, current limit, or current trip. These values can be set precisely with the front panel keypad. The settings can also be programmed over the IEEE-4888 interface, or the output voltage can be set with an analog control voltage.

More Information
Current5 mA
Voltage5 kV
Power100 W
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