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2300 Valhalla Scientific Power Analyzer


The 2300 is a Power Analyzer from Valhalla Scientific. A power analyzer, or power quality analyzer, can take accurate measurements of direct current DC, alternating current AC, voltages, phase rotations, and power in many different types of electronic equipment. Engineers can test power supplies, industrial machinery, motor drivers, home appliances, and office equipment with used and refurbished power analyzers.

Additional Features:

  • Accuracy: (Voltage and Current True RMS)
  • DC & 20 Hz to 5 kHz: = +0.1 % of reading +6 counts
  • 5 kHz to 10 kHz: +0.5% of reading +6 counts
  • 10 kHz to 20 kHz: +0 75% of rdg +6 counts - useable to 50 kHz with typicality 0.75% error per 10 kHz
  • Maximum Input: 1000 VDC or RMS AC, 3000 V pk/pk
  • Displays: 4 1/2  Digit (20.000 courts) 7 segment LEDs
    Watts Accuracy: 25°C +5°C, 1 year
  • DC & 20 Hz to 5 kHz: +0.25 % of reading +6 counts
  • 5 kHz to 10 kHz: +0.5% of reading +0.5% of range
  • 10 kHz to 20 kHz: +0.75% of reading +0.75% of range
  • 20 kHz to 50 kHz: add 0.75% per 10 kHz above 20 kHz
  • Power Factor Response: Unity (1.000) to zero (0.000)

The Valhalla 2300, 3 Phase Digital Power Analyzer, is one of the most versatile power analyzers around, featuring 3 channels with 9 self contained current ranges (shunt based) per channel. It uses high bandwidth true RMS AC converter technology to capture and display the true root mean value of the current waveform, regardless of waveshape.

The Valhalla 2300 3 Phase Digital Power Analyzer provides DC, True RMS AC Voltage measurement 1 mV to 1000V with response to 50 kHz. The voltage ranges are optimized for conventional AC power applications (ie 120 VAC on 150 V range). Connectons are made thru the Valhalla 2300 3 Phase Digital Power Analyzer hinged-cover protected shunt access compartment. Built-in overload protection helps prevent damage to the Valhalla 2300 3 Phase Digital Power Analyzer. It can withstand a max. of 500% overload on current (ie 500 amps on the 100 amp range) and up to 3000, V pk-pk of voltage without any problems. For dedicated low voltage applications, such as three phase gyro motor testing, or transformer core loss testing, the 2300L provide full scale voltage ranges of 5 000 V to 60.00 V.

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