2303/15 JDSU Fiber Optic Equipment


Additional Features:

  • Source Type: Laser
  • Laser Safety: IEC 60825-1:2007
  • Fiber Type: SM (9/125 μm
  • Optical interface type: PC/1 single port for all wavelengths
  • Cost-effective, rugged and compact solution
  • Interchangeable connectors for maximum flexibility available
  • Auto λ and TwinTest transmission modes
  • Combines up to 4 wavelengths in one instrument (SM+MM)
  • Central Wavelength: 1310 nm (± 20 nm); 1550 nm (± 20 nm)
  • Link insertion loss measurements and continuity check
  • Enterprise / LAN networks with 850/1300 nm multimode wavelengths capability
  • Access and metro (LAN/WAN) networks with multimode and singlemode testing combination
  • Standard singlemode wavelengths for any telecom, CATV and military applications

The JDSU 2303/15 is the new generation of small and rugged optical light sources for quick, easy and convenient field  insertion loss measurement and continuity check.

All JDSU sources are equipped with Auto- λ and Multi- λ functions compatible with any JDSU power meters. This one button operation provides a quick, simple and error-free testing solution, which makes SmartPocket™ sources the ideal tool for daily field testing.

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