240L ENI RF Amplifier


Additional Features:

  • Frequency Range: 20 kHz-10 MHz
  • Gain: 50 dB (Nominal)
  • Gain Variation: ±1.5dB
  • Maximum Class A Linear Power Output: 40 Watts
  • Harmonic Distortion: Typically more than 28 dB below fundamental at 40 watts output
  • Max CW and Pulse Power Output: Greater than 50 W, 20 kHz to 10 MHz; Greater than 100 W, 30 kHz to 4 MHz; Greater than 150 W, 40 kHz to 2 MHz
  • Typical 3rd Order Intermodulation Intercept: +58dBm
  • Input/Output Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Input VSWR: 1.5:1 Maximum
  • Output VSWR: 1.5:1 Maximum
  • Noise Figure: 9dB (nominal)
  • Stability: Unconditionally stable; unit will not oscillate for any condition of load and source impedance
  • Protection: Unit will withstand more than 16 dB overdrive (input signal of 1 V RMS) for all output load conditions
  • Output Meter: Average reading volt meter calibrated in RMS volts for a sine wave, with an accuracy of ±3% of full scale (0-100) volts); also calibrated in watts into 50Ω (0-200 watts).
  • Power Requirements: 115/230 VAC ± 8%, 50-60 Hz, 450 Watts
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to +40° C
  • All Solid State
  • Works into Any Load
  • Failsafe
  • Metered Output
  • Connectors: BNC

The ENI 240L is a broadband solid state power amplifier covering the frequency range of 20 kHz to 10 MHz. More than 40W of RF power can be produced at the output, with low harmonic and intermodulation distortion. Up to 200W of saturated power can be produced with increased distortion products. A highly linear Class A design, the Model 240L will amplify inputs of AM, FM, SSB, pulse and other complex modulations. The 50 dB fain of the unit is unconditionally stable and will not oscillate for any possible combination of source and load impedance. It is protected against failure due to output load mismatch and/or overdrive.

Output RF voltage level, as well as power output into 50 Ω, is monitored by a front panel meter. An integral power supply permits operation from 115/230 single phase AC power.

More Information
Power40 W
Frequency10 MHz
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