249005 Megger Calibration Shunt

The 249005 is a calibration shunt from Megger.
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  • For use with BITE series
  • Easily checks accuracy of all BITEs in the field
  • Suitable for use with Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters, including 247000 series
  • Ensures ohmmeter is calibrated to resistance standards
  • Two current terminals with knurled Allen-head cap screws
  • Two potential terminals with slotted screw heads
  • Conservative current rating ensures against overheating
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.25%

The Megger 249000 series calibration shunt calibrates a Megger 247000 series or DLRO10 series digital low resistance microhmmeter (sold separately). The shunt verifies the accuracy of the microhmmeter because the resistance of the shunt at a given current is known. The 249000 series is used to conduct more accurate resistance tests with a DLRO10 series microhmmeter.

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