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2500EP Valhalla Scientific Calibrator

The 2500EP is a calibrator from Valhalla Scientific. Electronic calibrations are necessary for maintaining your equipment for general monitoring and testing purposes. Calibrators enable you to solve problems with your equipment on your own, on site.

Additional Features:

    • Dynamic Range:
      • 0 to 200% of range
      • DC or RMS AC up to maximum rated output (12 Amps maximum)
    • DC Accuracy:
      • (180 days, 25°C ±5°C) ±0.01% of output ±0.02% of Full Scale
    • AC Accuracy:
      • (180 days, 25°C ±5°C) ±0.05% of output ±0.1% of Full Scale
    • Input Impedance:
      • 100 Kilohms, except the 2500EN is 10 Megohms
    • Compliance Voltage:
      • 10 Volts DC or pk AC
    • Input/Output Ratio:
      • 2.00000 volt input provides full- scale output
      • 20 volts for 2500EN (200% of range)
    • Stability:
      • ±0.0005%/15 min. - 0.005% for 24 Hours
    • Output Protection:
      • Fuse protected at 15 amps Max.
      • Input: 3 VDC/pk AC, 30 VDC/pk AC for 2500EN
    • Response Time:
      • 1 millisecond to ±0.01% of final value following input amplitude or frequency change
    • Maximum Isolation Voltage:
      • ±200 VDC or peak AC
    • Input Common Mode Rejection:
      • 60db @ DC linearly decreasing to 40 db @ maximum frequency
    • Temperature Coefficient:
      • ±0.001% of output ±0.002% of range/°C below 20°C or above 30°C
      • double the above for AC
    • Power:
      • 115/230 VAC ±10% 50-60 Hz
    • Size:
      • 381mm/15" L x 432mm/17" W x 133mm/5.23" H
    • Weight:
      • 14 Kg/30 lbs. Net 18 Kg/40 lbs. shipping weight

 The ranges of the Valhalla Scientific 2500EP, AC/DC Current Calibrator, are compatible with virtually all analog meters and most of the digital multimeters with AC-DC current capability. For benchtop DMMs and the handheld meters, virtually all with 10 amp measurement, the 10 amp range of the 2500EP is ideal. 

Ammeters, current transformers, shunts, current sensors, coils, wattmeters and a variety of parametric tests requiring constant, yet variable, AC or DC current are but a few of calibration and lab test uses of the 2500EP.

The units fast response characteristics allow it to precisely track the input reference voltage in terms of amplitude, phase, frequency, and waveshape. Each range also features zero to 200% dynamic response capability (up to maximum output).  

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