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2701B Valhalla Scientific Calibrator

The 2701B is a calibrator from Valhalla Scientific. Electronic calibrations are necessary for maintaining your equipment for general monitoring and testing purposes. Calibrators enable you to solve problems with your equipment on your own, on site.

Additional Features:

The 2701B Programmable Precision DC Voltage Standard features four voltage ranges of 1.2, 12, 120, and 1200 volts with 6 digit resolution. The 2701B accuracy is +/- 10 ppm + 4ppm of range + 2 uV. Load regulation is 10 ppm from no load to full load (20 mA). A proprietary design in the 2701B eliminates the contribution of switch resistance to divider accuracy and stability. Option TL-3 adds a GPIB interface to the 2701B.

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