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2860A BK Precision Multimeter

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The 2860A is a 3.5 digit bench multimeter from BK Precision. A multimeter is an instrument used to test and measure alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) voltage, resistance, and electric current. Multimeters combine voltmeters, ammeters, and ohmmeters. Electricians use multimeters to run diagnostics on batteries, switches, components, power sources, and motors.
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Additional Features:

  • Heavy Duty 1500 VDC & 1000 VAC rating
  • Ruggedized construction
  • Includes rubber boot
  • Withstands 5 foot drop
  • Extra large, high contrast LCD display
  • Gasket sealed against dirt and contaminants
  • Water resistant
  • High energy fused on all current ranges
  • Auto power off saves batteries
  • Built in probe holders
  • 0.5% DCV accuracy
  • Manual ranging
  • 3 1/2 digit, 2000 count
  • Large 0.8" LCD display
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