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3040 BK Precision Function Generator

The 3040 is a Function Generator from BK Precision. A function generator is a type of signal generator people use to generate many kinds of electrical waveforms over a range of frequencies. A function generator is a type of electronic test equipment that produces sine, triangular, square, and sawtooth shape waveforms. The user can make these waveforms single-shot, using a trigger source, or repetitive, based on use. This kind of signal generator uses integrated circuits to create waveforms. Function generators cover both RF and Microwave frequencies.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency: 13 MHz

The highly versatile B&K Precision Model 3040 "Universal" Function Generator is actually two generators in one.  The main generator operates from 0.1 Hz to 13 MHz and serves as a modulations source for the main generator or operates independently. Both generators provide sinewave, triangle wave, or square wave outputs.  Both generators have variable duty cycle to change triangle waves to ramps and square waves to pulses.  The second generator provides AM or FM modulation of any desired frequency.  The second generator can provide a ramp voltage to cause the main generator to operate as a sweep generator.  The second generator can generate a square wave or pulse to gate the main generator on and off for gated burst output.

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