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3110B EMCO Biconical Antenna


The 3110B is a 300 MHz Biconical Antenna from EMCO. Antennas boost signals and can overcome signal losses related to splitters and junctions. Used and refurbished antennas and antenna preamplifiers can save you money while delivering the same high quality as new products.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency Range: 30 MHz to 300 MHz
  • VSWR Ratio (AVG): 2.0:1
  • Maximum Continuous Power: 250 mW
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Connector: Type N female
  • Width: 132.1 cm (52.0 in)
  • Depth: 55.9 cm (22.0 in)
  • Diameter: 52.0 cm (20.5 in)
  • Weight: 2.7 kg (6.0 lb)
  • Unique Element Design to Improve Performance
  • Improved Balun Design for Increased Efficiency
  • Compact Size for Use in Limited Space
  • Quality Construction for Trouble-Free Service

Standard Configuration

  • Antenna elements
  • Balun
  • Base
  • Separate base on Model 3110B is drilled to accept tripod mount with 1/4 in x 20 threads

Compact Size

  • The compact size of EMCO biconical antennas makes them ideal for anechoic chambers and shielded enclosures. Biconical antennas conserve limited space and help minimize proximity effects

The ETS-Lindgren EMCO brand Model 3110B Biconical Antenna is specifically designed for radiated emissions testing. This high performance, receive only, antenna operates with in a frequency range of 30 to 300 MHz. The biconical elements are made from aluminum rods and are welded into a fixed assembly. The elements mount onto a balun network which is fabricated of aluminum and the necessary impedance-matching components. Its lightweight construction provides for ease in portability and storage.

The Model 3110B is ideally suited for swept site attenuation measurements per ANSI and FCC specifications. Also, the Model 3110B can be used for horizontal as well as vertical site attenuation measurements. A 20 dB pre-amp is recommended in line with the receive antenna to minimize the required transmitted power and to reduce the possibility of saturation of the transmitting antenna. The maximum continuous input power to the Model 3110B is 250 mW.

When the 3110B is used vertically, the same element orientation need not be maintained from measurement to measurement. The Model 3110B exhibits excellent symmetrical performance and test repeatability is assured by the balun design.

The Model 3110B biconical antenna combines several unique features, achieving high levels of performance. The balun, feedline, and element cage design give the Model 3110B response curves that are almost linear, making it ideal for sweep measurements. The antenna’s insensitivity to orientation in the vertical plane helps eliminate any unnoticed or unrecorded change in orientation as the cause for a change in test results.

To achieve this kind of performance, the balun is designed using an unbalanced-to-balanced transformer. This results in very even current transformation. Ferrites are also placed along the feedlines, reducing common mode current that can interfere with the antenna pattern in the vertically polarized measurements.

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