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3121C EMCO Dipole Antenna

The 3121C is a 1 GHz dipole antenna from EMCO.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency range: 28-1000 MHz overall
  • DB-1 28-60 MHz
  • DB-2 60-400 MHz
  • DB-3 140-400 MHz
  • DB-4 400-1000 MHz
  • Maximum Power Handling Capability of 50 Watts
  • VSWR: Less tha 1.6 to1
  • Impedance: Matched to 50 ohms

 The EMCO 3121C is designed to operate over the 28 MHz to 1000 MHz frequency range for measurements to meet Military, DOD, VDE, and FCC EME measurement specifications. The antennas are lightweight and sturdily constructed for portability and ruggedness.

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