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33220A Agilent Function Generator

The 33220A is a 20 MHz function generator from Agilent. An arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) is a type of electronic test equipment people use to generate repetitive or single-shot electrical waveforms. Single-shot waveforms require a triggering source, either internal or external, while repetitive waveforms do not. Inject the signal the waveform generator creates into a device for analysis during testing, finding problems with the device, or confirming proper operation.
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 Additional Features:

  • 20 MHz sine and square waveforms
  • Ramp, triangle, noise, and DC waveforms
  • Pulse generation with variable edge
  • 14-bit, 50 MSa/s, 64 Kpoint arbitrary waveforms
  • AM, FM, PM, FSK, and PWM modulation types
  • Linear & logarithmic sweeps and burst operation modes
  • Graph mode for visual verification of signal settings
  • IntuiLink software plus USB, GPIB and LAN interfaces included
  • Option 001 provides multiple-unit link for synchronous channels

The Agilent 33220A function generator offers 11 standard waveforms plus pulse and arbitrary waveforms it is the most frequency stable and lowest distortion function generators in its class.

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