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3330B HP Function Generator

The 3330B is a Function Generator from HP. A function generator is a type of signal generator people use to generate many kinds of electrical waveforms over a range of frequencies. A function generator is a type of electronic test equipment that produces sine, triangular, square, and sawtooth shape waveforms. The user can make these waveforms single-shot, using a trigger source, or repetitive, based on use. This kind of signal generator uses integrated circuits to create waveforms. Function generators cover both RF and Microwave frequencies.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency stability of ±1x10E+08/day
  • -50 dB signal to phase noise with a constant resolution of 0.1 Hz to 13 MHz.
  • Amplitude range from +13.44 dBm to -86.55 dBm in to 50-ohms
  • Resolution of 0.01 dB.
  • Harmonic distortion, with full output amplitude, is -60 dB (5 Hz to 100 kHz), -50 dB (100 kHz to 1 MHz), and -40 dB (1 MHz to 13 MHz). 100 mV RMS/50 ohms Tracking Output (20 to 33 MHz ).
  • 1 MHz Reference Output 220 mV RMS/50 ohms (0 dBm/50 ohms).
  • Step size is continuously adjustable in 0.1 Hz increments. Number of steps: 10, 100, or 1000. Time per step: 1, 3, 10, 30, 100, 300, 1000, and 3000 ms. Sweeps up, down, or both.

The Agilent HP 3330B is a reconditioned Automatic Synthesizer that has made an impact throughout the industry due to its capability to digitally sweep frequency and amplitude!

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