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3336C Agilent Level Generator

The 3336C is a level generator from Agilent. A signal generator is a device that creates electronic signals, repeating or non-repeating, in the digital or analog domains, depending on need. Signal generators design, test, troubleshoot, and repair electronic devices across many different industries and applications.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency range: 10 Hz to 20.999 MHz
  • 11 Digit Resolution
  • Excellent amplitude accuracy
  • Frequency resolution: 1 µHz for frequencies <100 kHz, 1 MHz for frequencies ≥100 kHz
  • Amplitude range: 50 Ω output: -71.23 to +8.76 dBm; 75 Ω output: -72.99 to +7.00 dBm
  • Flatness: ±.1 dB
  • On carrier return loss
  • 50 Ω output: >30 dB or >25 dB, depending on frequency
  • 75 Ω output: >30 dB
  • Integrated phase noise: >-54 dB, for a 30 kHz band, centered on a 20 MHz carrier, excluding 1 Hz about the carrier
  • Spurious: -100 dBm
  • Maximum signal output during amplitude blanking: <-85 dBm
  • HP-IB interface is standard

Phase offset

  • Range: ±719.9° with respect to arbitrary starting phase or assigned zero phase
  • Resolution: 0.1°

Frequency sweep

  • Flatness: ±.15 dB
  • Linear sweep time: .01 s to 99.99 s
  • Single log sweep time: 2 s to 99.99 s
  • Continuous log sweep time: .1 s to 99.99 s
  • Minimum log sweep width: 1 decade

Amplitude modulation

  • Modulation depth: 0 to 100%
  • Modulation frequency range: 50 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Envelope distortion: <-30 dBc to 80% modulation
  • Input impedance: 20 kΩ

Phase modulation

  • Range: 0 to ±850°
  • Modulation frequency range: dc to 5 kHz
  • Input impedance: 20 kΩ

The Agilent 3336C is designed for traditional synthesizer applications as well as R&D and production testing of systems or components. It features precision level control, high spectral purity, optional frequency stability of ±5 x 10-8/week, internal frequency sweep and numerous other user conceniences.

A single loop fractional-N synthesis technique allows synthesizer accuracy with 11 digits of resolution, with completely phase continuous frequency sweep over any of the instruments' frequency ranges.

Agilent attenuator technology coupled with custom designs in leveling loops and thermal converters produce amplitude accuracies of up to ±0.05dB. The fast leveling loop makes extremely flat sweeps possible at high sweep speeds.

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