34134A Agilent HP Current Probe



  • Termination: right angle shrouded banana plugs
  • Frequency range: dc to 8 kHz
  • Current range, 10 mA to 80 A dc, 10 mA to 60 A ac
  • Accuracy: 2% reading +5 mA (1 V/A range)
  • Output signals: 1 V/A and 10 mA
  • Length: 1.5 meters
  • Minimum input resistance of DMM: 100 kOhm
  • Rating: 600 V CAT III


The 34134A current probe is compatible with any DMM, or other voltage measuring instrument which has the following features:

  • Range and resolution capable of displaying 1 mV of input
  • Voltmeter accuracy (uncertainty) of 0.75% or better to take full advantage of the accuracy of the probe
  • Minimum input impedance of 100 k? (1 V/A range) or 10 k? (10 mV/A range)
  • Input jacks that accept 4mm shrouded banana plugs

The Agilent 34134A is a clamp-on probe for a wide range of applications such as measuring ground currents, powers ripple or current distribution in systems.

The 34134A is compatible with the 34460A, 34461A, 34401A, 34410A, 34411A, and L4411A DMM models. For other DMM models, see compatibility note in 34134A datasheet.

More Information
ManufacturerAgilent, HP, Keysight
Amps50 A
Frequency8 kHz
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