3561A Agilent Signal Analyzer


The 3561A is a 100 kHz signal analyzer from Agilent. Engineers use signal analyzers to combine the capabilities of spectrum and vector signal analyzers. A signal analyzer is a piece of electronic test equipment that takes measurements of power, magnitude, distortion, phase noise, modulation, and demodulation quality of input signals.

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Additional Features:

  • Spectrum and network analysis Waveform recording; 1/3 and 1/1 octave analysis
  • A high accuracy of ±0.15 dB
  • 80 dB dynamic range
  • High speed (7.5 kHz Real Time Rate)
  • Full alias protection
  • Band selectable zoom analysis for 640 µHz resolution
  • Incorporates internal non-volatile memory which will store 2 traces and 6 states
  • Full CRT annotation and softkey ease-of-use
  • Auto-ranging, auto-calibration, auto-scaling

The Agilent 3561A is a low frequency, high performance dual channel dynamic signal analyzer. The Agilent 3561A displays include a three-dimensional spectral map and time waveforms. The Agilent 3561A incorporates a 40K sample time buffer for later measurements and allows for acoustic measurements with its FFT-synthesized 1/3 and 1/2 octave measurements, together with the built-in analog A-weighted filter.

This analyzer also has a built-in tracking generator for stimulus-response measurements . With built-in waveform math, magnitude and phase measurements are possible. Digital processing is used to provide ultra-narrow resolution bandwidths up to 640 µHz. Digital processing also speeds up measurements; a measurement with 1 Hz resolution requires only a 1.5 second sweep.

In addition to spectrum measurements, the Agilent 3561A displays time waveforms similar to oscilloscope displays. A 40 K sample time buffer captures transients for examination in the time domain or analysis in the frequency domain. This model is also an excellent analyzer for acoustic testing. The Agilent 3561A is a versatile, single channel, real time spectrum analyzer with applications in electronics, vibration analysis, and acoustics.

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