373-11 Hakko Dispenser

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373 Self Solder Feeder

The Hakko 373 Solder Wire Self Feeder allows the operator to simultaneously feed wire solder and solder with one hand, while freeing the other hand for other tasks.


  • Operator can adjust the speed and amount of solder to be fed to the soldered area
  • This automatic self-feeding unit can be used with a wide variety of HAKKO brand soldering irons
  • Adjustable solder return function reduces waste
  • ESD-safe by design 

Available Kit Configurations

  • 373-936M-06 - 0.6mm for 936M
  • 373-936M-08 - 0.8mm for 936M
  • 373-936M-10 - 1.0mm for 936M
  • 373-936M-12 - 1.2mm for 936M
  • 373-936M-16 - 1.6mm for 936M
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