37397A Anritsu Network Analyzer



  • Fast Sweeping Synthesized Source
  • Auto Reversing Test Set (37200C/37300C models only)
  • Solid-State Transfer Switch (37200C/37300C models only)
  • Four Independent Display Channels
  • Multiple Source Control of Two External Sources
  • Four Channel Receiver
  • Internal Hard and Floppy Disk Drives
  • LRL/LRM Calibration
  • Adapter Removal Calibrations
  • Fast Measurement Throughput via GPIB
  • Built-In AutoCal® Control

The Lightning 37397A Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) is a high performance tool designed to make fast and accurate Sparameter measurements of active and passive devices across the 40 MHz to 65 GHz range. These network analyzers integrate a synthesized source, S-parameter test set and tuned receiver into a single compact package that is ideal for bench-top testing.

High throughput measurements are achieved in each model through the use of fast, 12-term error corrected sweeps, fast GPIB data transfers and an intuitive user interface. All measurement results are displayed on a large LCD color display or on an external VGA monitor.

More Information
Frequency65 GHz
10Ovenized Timebase
10AHigh Stability Time Base
11Reference loop extension cables
12Rear Panel I.F. Inputs
15Flexible test set Provides direct access to all four reference and test channels and adds two auxiliary source loops for each port for connecting amplifiers etc
15KFront Panel Access Connections for Samplers (K connectors only)
1ARack mount kit with handles
2High-speed time (distance) domain capability
2ATime (Distance) Domain Measurement Capability
31 Hz Frequency Resolution
6Port 2 Test Step Attenuator
SM5621modifications to the 37397C
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