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3781B Agilent Pattern Generator

The 3781B is a Pattern Generator from Agilent. A pattern signal generator, or pattern generator, is a type of electronic test equipment engineers use to detect and generate waveforms from a device. An engineer can program a central pattern generator to make a particular digital signal during a test. There are several channels, or outputs, to choose from on a pattern generator.

Additonal Features:

  • Test patterns provided include standard 2E+09 - 1, 2E+15 - 1, and 2E+23 - 1 bit PRBS to CCITT Recommendations
  • Fully programmable 16-bit WORD
  • Two 8-bit WORDS which may be alternated under the control of an external signal

The Agilent 3781B allows binary or code errors to be injected as single shot or at 10E-03 or 10E-05 rates into a wide range of PRBS and 16-bit WORD test patterns coded in AMI or HDB3. 

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