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3944 Krohn Hite Filter


The 3944 is a Filter from Krohn Hite. Electronic filters perform a variety of signal-processing functions with the purpose of removing a signal’s unwanted frequency components, enhance desired ones, or both. There are many types of electronic test equipment filters, including those that are passive, active, analog, digital, low pass, high pass, linear, and nonlinear. Linear filters are the most commonly used for most electronic equipment applications.

Additional Features:

  • Four independent channels
  • Fliter Types: Butterworth or Bessel
  • Attenuation Slope: 24dB/Octave/Channel
  • Frequency Range: 3 Hz to 2 MHz
  • Input Gain: 0dB or 20dB
  • Output Gain: 0dB or 20 dB
  • Stopband attenuation: >95dB

The Krohn-Hite Model 3944 is a 4-channel, Butterworth/Bessel filter offers a programmable or bench top filter covering a cutoff frequency range from 3 Hz to 2 MHz, with a frequency response characteristic of maximally flat (Butterworth) for clean filtering in the frequency domain, or linear phase (Bessel) to provide superior pulse or complex signal filtering. The passband gain is unity, and the attenuation slope is 24dB/octave per channel.  The 3944 will accept input signals of ±4.5V peak and provides input and output gains of 0dB or 20dB which can be selected via the front panel keyboard or over the GPIB bus. 

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