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4078B BK Precision Arbitrary Waveform Generator


The 4078B is an Arbitrary Waveform/Function from BK Precision. An arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) is a type of electronic test equipment people use to generate repetitive or single-shot electrical waveforms. Single-shot waveforms require a triggering source, either internal or external, while repetitive waveforms do not. Inject the signal the waveform generator creates into a device for analysis during testing, finding problems with the device, or confirming proper operation.

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  • 2 Channels
  • Sine frequency range: 1 μHz – 30 MHz
  • Square frequency range: 1 μHz – 30 MHz
  • Arbitrary waveform length: 1 Mpts
  • 14-bit, 200 MSa/s, up to 16 M-point Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Generate Sine waveforms up to 80 MHz, Square waveforms up to 60 MHz
  • Bright Color LCD display
  • AM/FM/FSK modulation functions
  • Variable DC offset
  • Adjustable duty cycle
  • Output ON/OFF button
  • Internal/External triggering
  • Linear and logarithmic sweep
  • Gate and burst mode
  • Programmable markers for precise triggering
  • Store and recall up to 49 different instrument setups
  • Standard USBTMC and GPIB (50 MHz and 80 MHz models only) interfaces
  • SCPI-compliant command set
  • Closed case calibration
  • Short circuit protection for resistive and capacitive loads on outputs and overvoltage protection on inputs
  • Simple integration with WaveXpress waveform editing software to send your waveform creations to the arbitrary waveform generator
  • Included Accessories Power Cord, Manual on CD, USB Type A to Type B Cable, Certificate of Calibration
  • Three-Year Warranty

Dual-channel models

  • Both channels offer full functionality and all parameters can be set independently
  • Synchronize the phase of both channels with the push of a button

The 4078B Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generator is a versatile high-performance single- and dual-channel arbitrary waveform generator with large arbitrary memory depth. The instrument provides variable output voltages from 0 to 10 Vp-p into 50 ohms or up to 20 Vp-p into open circuit and a continuously variable DC offset that allows the output to be injected directly into circuits at the correct bias level.

These generators combine the benefits of DDS (direct digital synthesis) and true AWG (arbitrary waveform generator) architectures without the limitations of either. Standard waveforms such as sine, square, and triangle are generated with a DDS chip, delivering great frequency resolution at a low cost. Custom arbitrary waveform generation is implemented with a true point-by-point design, offering improved signal integrity by producing significantly less jitter and distortion compared to a DDS-only architecture. This point-by-point generation capability allows these instruments to be used for simulating reliable clock signals, generating triggers, or validating serial data buses.

Additionally, these generators can be used with B&K Precision’s waveform editing software WaveXpress to create complex arbitrary waveforms.

Extensive features such as internal or external AM, FM, and FSK modulation along with versatile sweep capabilities and variable edge pulse generation make these generators suitable for a wide range of applications.

These generators are suitable for applications such as electronic design, sensor simulation, functional test, or generation of I/Q modulated signals.

Extensive modulation functions
The generators provide AM, FM, and FSK modulation schemes along with combined AM plus FM capabilities.
Users can also simulate analog VCOs and VCAs by inputting a voltage to the external modulation input.

Intuitive user interface
Easily change all waveform parameters using the intuitive menu-driven front panel keypad, control knob, and easy-to-read LCD. Convenient waveform and range selection buttons let users make quick and precise adjustments to the output signal.

SCPI-compliant programming
The generators can be programmed remotely via the USB and GPIB interface using SCPI commands.

Multi-unit/channel synchronization and external triggering
Use the built-in 10 MHz external reference input and output, external trigger input, and programmable marker output to synchronize multiple units or channels.

The generator can be connected with another generator or to an external 10 MHz clock for precise phase adjustment. The Sync output connector can be used to generate a positive TTL pulse output on each waveform cycle. An external trigger input connector is also available to trigger the instrument via an external TTL signal.

Versatile arbitrary waveform generation

Flexible memory management

The 4075B Series gives users more freedom by allowing the flash memory to be allocated via start address and length parameter setups. For instance, a model 4080B user could generate one large 16M-point waveform or up to 49 different waveform setups totaling 16 Mpts in one memory bank. Up to eight non-volatile memory banks are available to store arbitrary waveforms with 14-bit vertical resolution.

Waveform creation tools
From the front panel, waveforms can be defined from scratch by entering data point-by-point or by loading and modifying predefined waveforms. The WaveXpress waveform editing software is also provided for users to easily generate, edit, and upload custom arbitrary waveforms to the generator via the remote interface. Create waveforms in the software by importing a text file or define via freehand, point draw, and waveform math functions.

Easy noise generation
Conveniently add noise to your waveform directly from the front panel and precisely adjust the scale of the noise amplitude. This feature allows you to choose between generating a noise waveform and adding noise to an existing waveform.

Multi-unit/channel synchronization
The 4075B Series provides fully programmable markers that allow you to generate a positive TTL level output signal at the points specified by address and length up to 4000 points. It could be used for applications requiring triggering at specific points in the arbitrary waveform for precise synchronization between two signals, e.g. simulation of a real world 3-phase AC network where one of the phases is degraded.

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