408NPS Leader TV Generator

The 408NPS is a tv generator from Leader. At ValueTronics, we sell a variety of used and refurbished testing products for televisions from the manufacturers Tektronix, Wegener, and others. The electronic test equipment we have for TVs includes the television demodulation system, NTSC television waveform monitor, NTSC television generator, component/PAL television generator, and broadcast digital television processor.

Additional Features:

  • NTSC M
  • PAL-B, C, D, G, H, I, K and L
  • SECAM III-B, D, G, H, K and L
  • Composite, RGB, Y/R-Y/B-Y, Y/C
  • VHF/UHF/Cable T-F Coverage
  • Programmable Parameters
  • 100 Program Storage
  • 15 MHz Sweep and Multiburst
  • VHF/UHF Modulator accepts internal and external video and audio

Microprossor control and ditigal synthesis give the Leader 408NPS NTSC Video Test/Sync Signal Generator extreme flexibility in test signal programming of both video and RF outputs. Signals available simultaneously include composite video, Y/C, Y/R-Y/B-Y, GBR, full sync generator outputs, audio test tones (400 Hz and 1 kHz) and modulated output from 30 to 900 MHz.

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