4142B Agilent Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer


The 4142B is a Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer from Agilent. Semiconductor parameter analyzers are all-in-one tools used for a wide range of measurement capabilities. Semiconductor parameter analyzers can measure and analyze electrical characterizations of many types of electronic devices, materials, active or passive components, semiconductors, or any other kind of electronic equipment. Engineers use this piece of test equipment for the monitoring of current and voltage responses in different types of devices.

Additional Features:

  • Flexible, modular architecture
  • Wide measurement range with high resolution
  • V: ±4 µV to ±1000 V, 0.05%
  • l: ±20 fA to ±10 A, 0.2%
  • Pulse measurement capabilities
  • Pulse width 1 ms to 50 ms, 100 µs resolution
  • High-speed measurement (typical)
  • Sourcing or monitoring: 4 ms
  • Vth, hFE extracting: 12 ms
  • Internal memory
  • Program memory: >2000 commands (typical)
  • Data memory: 4004 measurement points

Offering a wide measurement range and excellent sensitivity, the Agilent 4142B modular DC source/monitor is a system-use DC measurement instrument especially designed for high-throughput DC semiconductor testers. A completely user-definable system component, the Agilent 4142B features modular architecture that allows you to build a custom configuration to suit your measurement needs. Eight plug-in module slots can accommodate any combination of modules. Choose from two types of source/monitor units (SMUs) to force or measure up to ±200 V and ±1 A: a high-current source/monitor unit (HCU) up to ±10 A, a high voltage source/monitor unit (HVU) up to ±1000 V, a voltage source/voltage monitor unit (VS/VMU), and an analog feedback unit (AFU). The instruments command and measurement datastorage capabilities, coupled with the high-speed HP-IB interface, minimize computer loading, enhance throughput, and simplify systemization.

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