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415E Agilent SWR Meter

The 415E is a 1 kHz swr meter from Agilent. The standing wave ratio (SWR) meter, or voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) meter, measures the SWR of a transmission line. Use an SWR meter to document and log the degree of mismatch between a transmission load, usually the radio antenna, and its line. SWR meters measure the effectiveness of a transmission’s impedance matching performance

Additional Features:

  • Sensitivity: U.15 µv rms at maximum bandwidth (1 µv rms on high impedance crystal input).
  • Noise: At least 7.5 db below full scale at rated sensitivity and maximum bandwidth with input terminated in optimum source impedance. Noise figure less than 4 db.
  • Range: 70 db in 10 and 2 db steps.
  • Accuracy:  ±0. 05 db/10 db step; maximum cumulative error between any two 10-db steps, ±0. 10 db; maximum cumulative error between any two 2-db steps, ±0. 05 db.    
  • Linearity: ±0. 02 db on expand scales, determined by inherent meter resolution on normal scales.
  • Input: Unbiased low and high impedance crystal (100 and 5000 ohm optimum source impedance respectively); biased crystal (1 v into lK); low and high current bolometer (4.5 and 8.7 ma ±3% into 200 ohms), positive bolometer protection. Input connector: BNC female.
  • Input Frequency:1000 cps, adjustable 7%.   
  • Bandwidth: Variable, 15 to 130 cps. Typically, less than 0. 5 db change in gain from minimum to maximum bandwidth
  • Recorder Output:  0 to lV, 1000 ohms source impedance, BNC female
  • Amplifier Output: 0to0.3Vrms (NORM), 0to0.8rms (EXPAND) into at least 1OK ohms, dual banana jacks
  • Meter Scales: Calibrated for square-law detectors. SWR: 1 to 4, 3.2 to 10 (NORM); 1 to 1.24 (EXPAND)
  • DB: 0 to 10 (NORM); 0 to 2.0 (EXPAND). Battery: charge state
  • Meter Movement: 0. 25% movement, taut-band suspension, mirror-backed scale with expanded db and swr scales greater than 4-1/4 in. 108 mm) long
  • Power: 115 or 230 volts ±10%, 50-400 Hz, 1VA, 2 watts. Power line frequency or multiples thereof must not be at the tuned amplifier frequency
  • Optional rechargeable battery provides up to 36 hours continuous operation
  • Dimensions: 7-25/32 in. wide, 6-3/32 in. high, 11 in. deep from front side rail (190 x 155 x 279 mm)

The Agilent HP 415E SWR Meter is a low noise, 1000 Hz tuned amplifier and voltmeter, calibrated in dB and SWR. Designed for use with square law detectors, it measures SWR< attenuation, and gain directly from metered scales, or drives an X-Y recorder for RF substitution measurements. Front panel INPUT switch selects unbiased low (50-200 Ohms) or high (2500-10,000 Ohms) impedance crystal, biased crystal (1 V into 1 kOhm), or low or high current bolometer (4.5 or 8.7 mA +- 3% INTO 200 Ohms).

An internal precision 60 dB attenuator allows the HP 415E to operate over a 70 dB range in 10 or 2 dB steps, with +- 0.05 dB accuracy for a 10 dB step; maximum cumulative error between any two 10 dB steps is +- .1 dB. Sensitivity is 0.15uV rms for full scale deflection at maximum bandwidth (1 uV rms on high impedance crystal input).

Continuously adjustable bandwidth can be adjusted from 15 Hz for maximum sensitivity at CW frequencies to 130 Hz for swept frequency uses. An optional rechargeable battery pack provides up to 36 hours of continuous operation for portable use.

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