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4200 Krohn Hite Oscillator


The 4200 is an oscillator from Krohn Hite. An electronic oscillator is a circuit that converts direct current to an alternating current signal. Oscillators generate a periodic electronic signal, often in the form of sine or square waves. Engineers use oscillators on a variety of electronic devices.

Additional Features:

  • Excellent low-cost oscillator
  • Provides a sine wave output covering the frequency range from 10 Hz to 10 MHz (2% accuracy) with 1/2 W of power at less than 0.1% distortion
  • 50 ohm impedance minimizes signal losses due to resistive and capacitive loading and the 1/2 W of power is essential for driving loads without overloading

A fixed 1 V output independent of the main output can be used for synchronizing a scope or as an auxiliary output. An infinite resolution dial and push-button multiplier provides rapid and continuous frequency tuning. Amplitude calibration of .2 dB accuracy is obtained by an 8 position push-button attenuator calibrated in 10 dB steps. A continuous output control combined with the attenuator provides 90 dB of attenuation.

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