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4278A Agilent Capacitance Meter


The 4278A is a capacitance meter from Agilent. Capacitance meters are used to measure discrete capacitors and come in bench and portable varieties.

Additional Feautres:

  • Measurement speed: 6.5 ms/10 ms/21 ms
  • Measurement parameters: C-D, Q, ESR, G
  • C-D measurement accuracy: 0.07%, 0.0005(1 kHz, 21ms); 0.5%, 0.0002(1 MHz, 21 ms)
  • High resolution: 6 digit, D:0.00001
  • Intelligent built-in comparator: 10-bin sorting

The Agilent 4278A is a high-productivity tester because it's as fast and accurate as you want it to be. The 6-digit resolution always keeps you up on your data. Its built-in comparator is a tool to sort caps in a variety of ways; any way that you specify. It has 10-bin sorting for capacitance. The D, Q, ESR, and G measurements are go/no-go tested. It measures 0.001 pF to 200 µF (0.00001 to 9.99999 D). The accuracy in the LONG mode (for capacitance) is ±0.05% for 2-256 pF. The Agilent 4278A measures 150 times per second. That's a quick 6.7 ms. 10.4 ms or 18.6 ms are also available to add accuracy. The zero adjustment compensates for stray impedances.

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