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42842B Agilent Fixture

The 42842B is a fixture from Agilent. A fixture is a kind of electronic test equipment that continuously runs tests on a piece of equipment. Fixtures test electronic components, circuits, chips, and software. Engineers use fixtures to hold the equipment under test (EUT) in place and run tests using controlled electronic signals.

Additional Features:

  • Clear plastic cover is provided for safe measurements
  • Opening the cover decreases the voltage generated by back-e.m.f. (electromotive force) to a level below 40 V within 0.1 second
  • Heat-sensitive switch prevents DUT from overheating
  • Also equipped with DC bias voltage monitoring

The Agilent 42842B is designed for use with the Agilent 42841A (sold separately). It is connected directly to the bias current output terminals of the Agilent 42841A.

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