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4328A Agilent Milli Ohmmeter

The 4328A is a Milli Ohmmeter from Agilent. When engineers need to collect information regarding electrical connections such as wires, conduits, or cables, they use a milliohm meter. This piece of electronic testing equipment measures the smallest resistance values. An engineer would use a milliohm meter instead of a traditional ohmmeter to document and log resistance amounts at the lower end of the scale (small values of ohms).
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Additional Features:

  • 20 Micro-Ohm Resolution
  • High Sensitivity
  • Capable of Measuring Low Resistances
  • Four-Terminal Measurement
  • 1 Milli-Ohm to 100 Ohm measuring range

The Agilent 4328A Milliohmmeter is a highly sensitive portable instrument designed for the measurement of low resistance. The 1 mohm to 100-ohms measuring range and 20 ohms resolution make the Agilent 4328A ideal for measuring resistance of switches, relays, and connectors and the resistivity of conductors and semiconductors. Accuracy is 2% full scale with no additional error caused by series reactance of samples up to two times full scale. Measuring frequency of 1 kHz. Features a large, easy-to-read meter.

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