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4349A Agilent Resistance Meter

The 4349A is a resistance meter from Agilent. A resistance meter is a type of test equipment that measures resistance (Ohms). These include ohmmeters, megohmeters, and more.

Additional Features:

  • Four-channel input
  • High-speed measurement: 9ms (typical)
  • Fast setting time
  • High-speed contact check
  • Comparator function
  • Measurement Parameters: R (DC resistance), I (DC current)
  • Mathematical Functions: Deviation and percent deviation
  • Ranging: Auto and manual
  • Trigger: Internal, external, manual, and HP-IB
  • Delay Time: 0 to 9999 ms in 1 ms steps
  • Test Cable Lengths: 2 m maximum
  • Measurement Time: Short and long
  • Averaging: 1 to 256
  • Test Voltage: 0.1000 to 1000.0 V (5 digits)
  • Measurement Accuracy: I Parameter: Meas. Range: 1 pA to 100 µA; Basic Accuracy: ±0.4%
  • R (Ohm) Parameter: Meas. Range: 1 x 103 to 1.6 x 1016; Basic Accuracy: ±0.6%
  • Measurement Time: 9 ms, 28 ms, 98 ms, 396 ms (typical)
  • Correction Function: Zero OPEN
  • Other Functions: Comparator Function; Contact Check Function; Save/recall; Continuous Memory Capability; HP-IB Interface; Handler Interface

The Agilent 4349A is a 4-channel high resistance meter for production testing of capacitors.

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