461825 Extech Tachometer

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The 461825 is a Combination Photo Tachometer/Stroboscope from Extech.
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  • Stroboscope course and fine flash rate adjustments to freeze and analyze rotating objects
  • Battery operation brings motion analysis to any location
  • Unique display features characters that reverse direction depending on measurement mode
  • Large 0.4" (10mm) 5 digit LCD display
  • Microprocessor based with quartz crystal oscillator to maintain high accuracy
  • Tachometer memory stores last, max, and min readings



  • Range: 5 to 99,999 / 100 to 100,000
  • Accuracy: ±0.1%rdg / ±0.1%rdg
  • Sampling Time: 1 Sec ≥ 60rpm / 1 Sec ≥ 60rpm;
  • Resolution: 0.1rpm (<1,000rpm), 1rpm (≥1,000rpm) / 0.1fpm (<1,000fpm), 1fpm (≥1,000fpm)
  • Dimensions/Weight: 8.5x2.6x1.5" (215x65x38mm) / 10.6oz (300g) ±0.1%rdg

Perform Tachometer RPM measurement, Stroboscopic speed and motion analysis with the 461825 Combination Photo Tachometer and Stroboscope. Unique display reverses character direction depending on which measurement mode you are using. Tachometer memory stores last, max and min readings for recall. Strobe features course and fine flash rate adjustments in 3 ranges. Complete with 4 AA batteries, reflective tape, and carrying case.

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