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5001IX California Instruments AC Source

The 5001IX is a 5 kVA, 300 V, 37 A, 1 kHz, 1 Phase ac source from California Instruments.
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  • Output Power AC: 5 kVA
  • Phase Output: 1
  • Voltage Low/High: 0-150V/0-300V
  • Frequency: 16-1000Hz
  • Current Low/High: 37A/18.5A
  • Power Factor: 0 to 1
  • Input Voltage: 208-240V
  • Single Box AC Power System: Combines AC & DC power source, digital scope and power analyzer in one instrument
  • DC Output Capability: Use same instrument for DC output
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator: Test products for harmonics susceptibility
  • Built-in DSP based Power Analyzer: Performs voltage and load current analysis on all phases
  • Programmable Output Impedance: Simulate real-world line conditions
  • High Crest Factor Capability: Drives a wide variety of non-linear loads
  • CE Marked: Safe, reliable and consistent operation

The iX Series represents a new type of AC and DC power source that addresses increasing demands on test equipment to perform more functions at a lower cost. By combining a flexible AC power source with a high end power analyzer, the iX Series systems are capable of handling applications that would traditionally have required multiple instruments.

The sleek integrated approach of the iX Series avoids the cable clutter that is commonly found in AC test setups. All connections are made internally and the need for external digital multimeters, power harmonics analyzer and current shunts or clamps is completely eliminated.

Using a state of the art digital signal processor in conjunction with precision high resolution A/D converters, the iX Series provides more accuracy and resolution than can be found in some dedicated harmonic power analyzers. Since many components in the iX Series are shared between the AC source and the power analyzer, the total cost of the integrated system is less than the typical cost of a multiple unit system.

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